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Living with diabetes get tougher as the age advances, in young lot of symptoms people do bear but the same symptoms are hard to tolerate in old age. These symptoms become more challending. But life style change and proper counseling make these challenges not impossible. Here we will discuss some of the persons that elders do encounter.

Hearing Loss: Hearing loss in diabetic paitietntisof great concern with advancing age.   It is twice common. This hearing loss rate is higher with uncontrolled diabetes. Hearing loss is hard to diagnose especially if its is in initial stages. The following should be noticed

  • The patient repeatidly ask the same question.
  • Discussion become harder to do
  • Hearing become even  harder in loud noisy areas.
  • Listening TV in loud voice

Planning for a Healthy Life: Every diabetic should be ready for the old age. He has to keep in mind the symptoms become even harder to tolerate with age. This will help to avoid complication and remain active in later age. Living Will: DIP has made it possible to live with good health later age and spending time with loved ones. Diabetic patients do contribute in charitableactivities, get some time out of your routine and spent time for the society like going to hospitals, spending time with orphans. . Thinking that your charity can enhance the life of others and making your remaining life more pleasurable. Early experiences with diabetes causing generosity and humbleness in life.

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