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Diabetes is especially difficult for females , especially getting married, during pregnancy, limited outdoor activities, less budget allocated for females by the family head. There is high rate of abortion, big babies. Placental bleeding, complication during delivery.Research has shown women with diabetes get more cardiovascular disease in her younger age than non-diabetic females. Even though if the females are not diabetes females do get gestational diabetes first time during pregnancy. It is essential that they had to had insulin during diabetes. Secondly this diabetes get over after delivery.

Sexual Health

Diabetes do effect sexual health of females, because of depression, dyspaurenia( painful intercourse) because of dryness in vagina that females do have in diabetes, secondly females often get vaginal infection quite often.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression always decrease the desire of sex and unenjoyable. Here in DIP we have professionl team who solve these problems effectively.

Family Planing.

If you are trying to have baby, do get consultation with our professional before getting pregnancy to make your pregnancy successful. Before trying to conceive, always get HB1Ac, renal function test, get eyes checked, blood pressure and urine examination. Are you thinking about having a baby? Start working with your health care team before you get pregnant. Have your A-1-C, blood pressure, heart, kidneys, nerves, and eyes checked. See your dietitian to review your meal plan. Talk with your health care team about how being pregnant will affect your long term health.


Most of the contraceptive methods are safer with diabetes. Talk with your health care team about hormone replacement therapy as you get close to menopause.


Menopause is the time of life females ends up with their normal menstrual cycles. During this period the blood sugar is variable due to disturbances in the hormone changes. Symptoms of menopause are mood changes, hot flushes and low mood.

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