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Diabetes mellitus is a clinical syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia ( high blood glucose level), resulting from either deficiency ( type 2) or complete absence (type 1) of insulin in the body. Insulin is the hormone secreted by our pancreas that helps in proper utilization of glucose by various body cells. In this website , you will find out all the basic information about diabetes and its management.


Three types of test are used to diagnose diabetes

Fasting Plasma Glucose:     <100mg/dl  = normal , 100-126 mg/dl = prediabetes >126 mg/dl   =  Diabetes
Impaired glucose tolerance:   (taken 2 hours after oral glucose load) <140

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By: Dr. Syeda Arzinda Fatima

Question: How should I choose the best glucometer for myself?

Answer: There are lot of models available. You should ask your diabetes educator for assistance. It is better if you choose

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