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Neha kanwal

Best Psychologist In Lahore

Best Psychologist In Lahore

Best Psychologist In Lahore: Neha kanwal is a psychologist /counselor who has been working with Diabetic Institute Pakistan. She is masters in Psychology from Bahria University, Institute of Professional Psychology.

She has done her researches during which she studied deeply about human behaviours and how they are affected by some terminal illnesses. She also has done research on Machiavellianism personality traits and their early signs and symptoms in people who have parental disturbances. She has also attended several workshops conducted for mental healthcare professionals.

Her experiences include working as a counselor in various organizations and mostly training about stress management, sleep disturbances and other stresses related to work and daily life. She has conducted various mental health awareness camps and screening sessions.
She has acquired prominent training in life coaching and train people who find it difficult to manage with their stresses in life. She also has a command and knowledge related to diabetes and the problems diabetics and their families face due to this disease. She is highly equipped to deal with the emotional and physical stress and complications diabetes brings to the patients.

Her main interests include creative writing, art and music therapies, self-grooming and continuous learning in order to make a difference that can outshine her.

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A brief intro to Psychologists

Psychologists are the doctors who deals with diseases related to mental illness and disorders, emotional and behaviors disturbances. They are experts in human behavior and have studied the way mind works, and how people think, perceive and behave. Psychologists cannot prescribe medicines and are different from psychiatrists. One may want to visit a psychologist with problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, learning disabilities and fears or phobias etc. The use a number of tests and therapies in order to help overcome a patient which includes psychoanalysis, blot ink test etc.

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